Monday, November 19, 2007

(excerpt) No More Mr. Nice Guy

As I reflect on rejects
I elect to dissect
The inflects of dialects
From insects with no text

Goodbye Everything

Darkening skies
Moon on the rise
Can’t hear a thing
But the buzzing of flies
Something has died
On this terrible night
Can tell by the smell
And the look in the eye
Pain keeps on kicking
Stabbing and burning
Twisting the knife
Of an unanswered yearning
Never to see
Never to be
Want to be closer
Want to be free
The voices keep talking
Chattering and squawking
Closer than nearer
Away… Keep on walking
Sun shines through the rain
But the water will stain
Any hope any reason
Then nothing has changed
Knowing the score
Wanting no more
Slam shut the door
Still the angel sings
With words that cut and sting
Goodbye Beautiful
Goodbye everything

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I am the darkness who swallows the light
I devour the daytime and give you the night
I am the shadows that follow you ‘round
I bite at you heels as I crawl on the ground
I am the void that you feel from within
When you’re ridden with guilt, when you’re guilty as sin
I am the terror, the eater of souls
The boundaries of madness and loss of control
I am the prejudice the hate and the fear
Some call me genocide, perverse, twisted, queer
I am the spite, the anger, the rage
I am the poisonous viper uncaged
I am what scares you to turn out the light
I am what keeps you awake every night
I am suspense when you don’t hear a sound
I am what waits in your hole in the ground

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What’s the difference

What’s the difference
If we love or we hate
Why not just sit home
And masturbate
What’s the difference
If we stay or we go
Will we ever learn anything
We already didn’t know
What’s the difference
Between happiness and pain
If you’ve ever known either
You know they’re one the same
What’s the difference
Between wealthy and broke
Always find a drink
Always got some smoke
What’s the difference
Between wrong and right
Is it just peace of mind
Is it sleeping at night
What’s the difference
If we just disappeared
Would the flowers miss us
Or would they rejoice and cheer
What’s the difference
If we destroy everything
Would the rocks even notice
Would the stars feel a thing

Sunday, January 22, 2006

An Old Favorite...

The Dead

The Dead never speak
Nor do the cry
The Dead never care
About saying goodbye
The Dead have no sickness
They’re never in pain
The Dead have no worries
To drive them insane
The Dead never argue
Quarrel or fight
The Dead have no fear
To be alone in the night
The Dead never see
All those things that can hurt
The Dead are so peaceful
And calm in the dirt
The Dead never trouble
And never are late
The Dead have no reason
To love or to hate
The Dead aren’t frightened
By the dreams in their head
The Dead never get high
And wish they were dead


Frequently I’m tuned to a
Frequency where I can’t
Identify my
Confusing my
Conscience with
Symbolizing the
Insane the
Inane ways that
I see with my
Eye these
Terrible things a
Path so
Bored I
Bore a hole into the
Realization of all
Reason I
Prefer to
Preface my
Dialect with an
Apology where as
Lately I have a
Desire to
Imagery with the
Pretense of
Presence of mind but
Obviously you are still